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International Parental Child Abduction Awareness

Thousands of children are taken each year…


Every year, more than 1000 new cases of American children who are illegally abducted from loving parents and communities to foreign nations where it’s a fight to bring them home. That’s more than 6000 American children abducted by a parent since 2009.


International Parental Child Abduction is criminal child abuse…


The federal crime of International Parental Kidnapping is a far-reaching form of child abuse. Even though International parental kidnapping is on the rise, local, state and federal criminal charges, warrants and prosecutions are few. Why aren’t these cases being prosecuted to bring kidnappers to justice?


Children suffer…


Abducted children are often used as pawns and hostages by their abducting parent.  The majority suffer from isolation and emotional abuse, and are deprived of the love and nurture of the seeking parent.    


You might ask, “if the child is with their mom or dad, how bad could it be?” Imagine today is the last day you will ever see or hear from your children again. It’s never ok for a parent to kidnap a child.  


It’s too easy for our children to be taken….


NO exit controls are implemented at our borders to prevent children from being internationally abducted by a parent or otherwise. Why is it easier to smuggle an American child out of a U.S. airport than to board a plane with a 4 ounce bottle of shampoo?


The majority of international parental child abductions occur over holidays and summer vacations.  This is the time to be vigilant if you suspect an abduction may occur, act now! Get safeguards in place!


The emotional and financial toll is enormous…


Once children are abducted, the responsibility for their return falls upon the seeking parent. These parents find themselves forced into civil court cases in foreign nations, with the burden of enormous financial expenses, and little-to-no support from local, state, and federal government agencies.


Standing for America’s stolen children must matter to us all.



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