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Survivor Camp Partners

We believe that IPCA survivors need more support, resources and opportunities to grow and heal from the trauma of International Parental Child Abduction.  Strong partnerships make this Survivor Camp possible. 

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Raymond B. Preston
Family Foundation

Henderson, Kentucky

The Preston Family Foundation is committed to educational, artistic, and charitable needs focusing largely on the Henderson community. It's philanthropic focus is on initiatives that transform lives, promote good citizenship, and create self-sufficient, productive citizens.

The Foundation's generous resource commitments to iStand Parent Network allow us to serve, support and empower IPCA families from initial search and reunification.


Global Ties Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama
global ties alabama.jpg

As a nonprofit partner of the U.S. Department of State, Global Ties Alabama sustains a network that coordinates international exchange programs and brings current and future leaders from around the world to communities throughout Alabama.

Creating opportunities for business, nonprofit, government, and academic leaders from around the world to share ideas, learn from each other, and build trust is vital to creating strong, lasting relationships between them — and the programs the Global Ties network conduct and support do just that. 


We are truly honored to welcome GTA as host of our Youth Citizen Diplomacy Academy at Survivor Camp. 

Dana Fletcher Foundation Inc. 

Huntsville, Alabama

Every traumatized psyche must develop a renewed stability. DFF, Inc. aims to Help Others Psychologically Evolve beyond their trauma into a thriving equilibrium by experiencing the peaceful and balancing power of nature. 

Dana Fletcher's family is overcoming the paralyzing trauma of his death by offering the Huntsville-area community opportunities to address and heal trauma through nature, sound, movement and connection.  We welcome their partnership for a special Hike 4 Healing with Survivor Camp participants. 

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Anime & Sequential Art Studio

Huntsville, Alabama

Artist Stephanie Burns is the founder of Anime & Sequential Art Studio. After becoming a mother in 2021, she was inspired to start an art studio at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment


Since retiring from public teaching, Stephanie has had the honor of meeting and sharing her studio space with parents and young artists.

Stephanie enthusiastically agreed to host our Summoning Superheroes arts enrichment camp sessions.  We are excited to see campers' superpowers emerge!

iStand Family Networks


The iStand Family is a global network of parents, grandparents, survivors, siblings, advocates, volunteers and friends of internationally abducted children. Our family gives generously to support survivors and our mission to end International Parental Child Abduction.

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The University of Alabama in Huntsville

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Huntsville, Alabama

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) for The University of Alabama in Huntsville(UAH), is dedicated to helping our campus and local community become global citizens.


Our goal is to educate, expose, and expand the cultural and societal awareness of all people. We are creating citizens with global perspectives and supporting their development along the way. 


UAH ODEI is charged up to support iStand Parent Network!

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