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*$500 is the cost-per-camper

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Sponsorship Benefits:
We will celebrate all sponsors and donors on our webpage! Each sponsor and donor will receive a personalized thank you note and an art work signed by youth survivors.  Your contributions are also tax deductible.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity to help IPCA survivors heal and thrive!

Family Wall of Fame

We appreciate the families who gave generously to support Survivor Camp 2022.  
We'd love to add your name to our family Wall of Fame! Please give to support survivor camp today!
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The A. Williams Family 
Gold Sponsor
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The Jackson Family
Silver Sponsor
Melissa Capestro
Silver Sponsor
Untitled design.png
The R. Williams Family
Individual Sponsor
Untitled design.png
The Munson Family
Individual Sponsor

A very special thank you to the Garrett Family for sponsoring our
Summoning Superheroes
Welcome Party!

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