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 Advocacy Areas

Parent Advocacy


The Parent Advocacy Initiative empowers and connects parents and families with resources, guidance and support systems to prevent and resolve International Parental Child Abduction. It advances the goals of peer support, prevention, family reunification and policy reform.


Public Policy


The Public Policy Initiative coordinates among coalition members and local, state, federal and international governmental actors to address and reduce the incidence of International Parental Child Abduction through a whole of government approach.


Legal Reform


The Legal Reform Initiative educates attorneys, mediators, family court judges and key stakeholders about International Parental Child Abduction, prevention and reform. It monitors case law, rulings and legal developments in domestic and international courts concerning IPCA and advances the goals of prevention, family reunification and international legal systems reform.




The Communications Initiative raises awareness and educates key stakeholders and the public about International Parental Child Abduction. It advances goals of enhanced public awareness and engagement on this issue through creative advocacy, storytelling and information sharing across multimedia platforms.


Research and Sustainability


The Research and Sustainability Initiative assembles, evaluates and disseminates relevant data and information on International Parental Child Abduction and identifies resources to sustain and grow the movement to end International Parental Child Abduction.


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